The first practical smart contract in the World

RealTract focus on Smartcontract 2.0  base on Blockchain 4.0 with high performance speeds up to millions of transactions per second

the second airdrop is ended
Our Core

Problems RealTract solves

Admittedly, blockchain in general and smart contract in particular is a big step forward for mankind. But go first does not mean being good, seeing the weaknesses of the blockchain in terms of scalability, speed and performance. The current smartcontract applicability in the real world is too low

“You buy a house, when the seller has received the money, you own the house and find the serious damaged in the concrete frame, the walls have heavily cracks, the seller has covered your eyes when you came to see the house only 1-2 times, if you know that you are ready to buy that house?”

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New technology, new smartcontract, RealTract is the answer

RealTract is born as a thorough solution to the disadvantages of blockchain and the current smart contract, adding and improving technologies. RealTract has created multi-layer chain based on Infinity Block Graphs technology with double consensus algorithms. With the ability to create deal contracts can be applied in reality by adding: create multiple conditions, the time of the contract, RealTract Smart Contract 2.0 is a significant improvement from the Ethereum smart contract 1.0

Our Goal

We put the reality into the blockchain

Blockchain and smartcontract on blockchain is a potential future technology direction of the world. Blockchain surely will appear in every area of ​​your life. Our goal is to become a bridge between the present and the future. We are not trying to put the blockchain into practice, but we will put the world into blockchain.

Technology Overview

Internet access has been declared a human right by United States, its start-up culture is booming and its citizens and businesses have been able to enjoy the use of many streamlined digital public services.

Infinity Block Graphs (IBG)

Infinity Block Graphs  technology with infinite scalability helps keep transactions from overloading, speeding up transactions to 2 million TPS, the cost nearly zero and absolute security.

Smartcontract 2.0
With the ability to create deal contracts can be applied in reality by adding: create multiple conditions, the time of the contract, RealTract Smart Contract 2.0 is a significant improvement from the Ethereum smart contract 1.0
More than one Blockchain in a system
RealTract network proposes to have a multi-layer chain structure. This structure will increase the storage capacity, process more transaction confirmations per second and provide more security
Cross Chain Communication
The connection is essential to the multi-layer chain. The speed of access between the chains needs to be ensured, and at the same time, in order not to take up too much transaction space storage, Cross Chain Communication will deal with the above.
More than one consensus algorithms
RealTract uses triple consensus algorithm: Proof of Truth (PoT), Proof of Stake (PoS), Proof of Result (PoR) to allow transactions to be linked with additional information on-chain. The PoR will be added after launch Smartcontract 2.0

How it all Started

Q1 2018
The RealTract vision defined, Whitepaper released
Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Build website, Prepare to debut
Q2 2018
Q3 2018
Airdrop preparation, Developing Smart Contract, Exchange Listing
Q3 2018
Q4 2018
Developing community, Developing partnership
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Release Whitepaper v2, Multi-layer Chain testing
Q1 2019
Q2 2019
All Consensus Algorithm testing, Cross Chain Communication testing
Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Smartcontract 2.0 testing, First beta of multi-layer Chain
Q3 2019
Q4 2019
RealTract’s full functional Testnet
Q4 2019
Q1 2020
Mainnet launching, Update Roadmap
Q1 2020

Our Amazing Team

Our Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealTract token sale plan?

We have private sale for RealTract’s early investor. You can message us via

When is smartcontract 2.0 public?

You can find the answer at our roadmap

2 million tps is feasible?

Yes, IBG technology and multi-layer chain will make that number possible

What are the strengths of RealTract compared to other competitors?

We created smartcontract 2.0 on the basis of blockchain 4.0, you also know smartcontract 1.0 on the platform of Ethereum?

Token Info

Token name: RealTract
Token symbol: RET
Contract address: 0xd7394087e1dbbe477fe4f1cf373b9ac9459565ff
Decimals: 8
Total supply:
(Before mainnet lauching, we might burn partly of locked tokens to increase the value of RET)

  • Airdrop, Bounty, Marketing (lock 25% for exchanges listing) 35%

  • Team(lock in 2 year) 20%

  • Advisor, partnership(lock in 2 years) 10%

  • Angel Investor (Lock in 2 years) 20%

  • Ecosystem, Technologies development (lock in 2 years) 15%