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RealTract Network is an all-in-one platform for multi-tiered Smart Contract 2.0 utilized for a wide range of real-life use cases and achieve blockchain mass adoption. It focuses on privacy and portability with the latest decentralized technologies in oracle, storage, data science, fiat payment and more to form a complete ecosystem.

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  • Proof-of-Honor (PoH)

  • Smart Contract 2.0

  • Sec.RET

  • RealTract Chain (RETchain) is based on ETH 2.0 (PoS) and further upgraded into Proof-of-Honor (PoH), which uses HodgeRank to rank nodes based on the amount of Stakes and amount of Transactions to encourage DApp developers to serve as many users and generate as many transactions as possible. PoH also adopts an advanced incentive system to eliminate all cheating & slacking miners to preserve the longevity of the blockchain network, and adopts a smart free-gas policy called “GasStation” which is more advanced than TRONX to make blockchain transactions cheaper while evenly anti-spam and incentivizing to miners.
  • Smart Contract 2.0 ("Smart Contract For Everyone”) is introduced with a multi-tiered structure and preset templated for non-technical users to deploy to RETchain. These smart contracts can be plugged into the latest decentralized technologies (such as IPFS, ChainLink, etc.) in the blockchain-verse to serve real-life use cases.
  • A privacy protocol on RETchain called Sec.RET was invented as the first in the world to have scripting tools to support smart contracts and provide “privacy on demand” (instead of “privacy by default”), bringing blockchain closer to mass adoption.

Key Highlights of RETchain

ANONYMOUS-ON-DEMAND Enter and exit the incognito mode whenever you feel like
SUSTAINABLE (Anti-spam, Anti-slack) Miners have economic and reputation at stake to remain honest & preserve the longevity of the network
PROOF-OF-STAKE Fast, cheap, scalable, energy efficient, environmental friendly, democratic
PORTABLE Allow developers to port their smart contracts to other decentralized technologies
CHEAP Cheaper than current decentralized alternative with much less gas consumed. Smart contracts are optimized for gas usage
FAST Can have a block time on the order of 5 seconds and handle up to thousands of transactions per second
MODULAR Use powerful templates to customize your applications for specific user requirements
FINALITY Each block sealed is irreversible - no past deed can be undone
SCALABLE Fast finality matches the throughput requirements of your growing user base
SECURE Access control firewalls your applications against malicious modules
EASY Integrate with Smart Contract 2.0 using a few lines of code, with no major modification
SOVEREIGN Propose changes and vote on blockchain upgrades with the governance module
OPEN SOURCE Work together to build the free and open source RealTract developer community
Blockchain Use Cases
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Train machine learning models with data from multiple entities without exposing the underlying data set and allowing users to retain control of their data. Applications in training autonomous vehicles, and credit scoring for P2P lending, insurance
Supply Chain
Ensure your supply chain is auditable and validated without sharing every step of your distribution network with others
Decentralized Finance
Build decentralized financial services that keep transactions and user data private and confidential from end-to-end
Gaming is one of the most obvious platforms for digital currency usage. Build an engaging game with digital goods, tradeable directly on your platform
Video Streaming
Performant decentralized video streaming can be achieved with our powerful, high-throughput consensus
Maintain control of your personal health data with a fine grain permissions system. Improve patient care by securely sharing data across your network. Protect against data leakage and theft with computation techniques like secure hardware and zero-knowledge proofs to protect
Prediction Markets
Use the wisdom of crowds to build a global prediction market.
Cross-Border Payments
Revolutionize traditional banking by reducing the friction and cost of cross-border transactions and payments
Real Estate
Store and transfer ownership of property rights and other licensing documents. Blockchains act as notaries in which you can use to verify ownership or revocation of property. Signed contracts are uniquely hashed and securely stored in decentralized file systems. Optimized for real estate tokenization to increase the crypto market capitalization tenfold within 5 years
Make energy grids more accessible and sustainable by promoting data-sharing in real time. Give can compare their energy providers and buy directly from them, driving competition and promoting sustainable energy
Store individual information which is utilized for KYC and AML consistency. Accelerate the onboarding procedure and drastically reduce the expenses of KYC compliance
Phase 1
Testnet Version 1 uses Proof-of-Authority (PoA) along with a suite of tools including RETchain explorer, Validator smart contract, and Privacy smart contract which allows sending token privately.
Phase 2
Testnet Version 2 uses the more advanced Ethermint BFT (apply Tendermint of Cosmos Network on Ethereum), and upgrade the Privacy smart contract.
Phase 3
Testnet Version 3 uses Proof-of-Honor along with a suite of tools including RETchain explorer, Validator smart contract, and the upgraded Privacy smart contract.
Phase 4
Testnet Version 4 upgrades RETchain into Hybrid PoH + PoW + sharding along with ETH 2.0.
Phase 5
Testnet Version 5 upgrades Sec.RET privacy protocol with strong technologies encryption to perfect the privacy of the sender, the receiver, and the amount, serving real life applications in banking, statistics, and AI. We continue to upgrade Sec.RET privacy protocol with strong technologies (such as Fully homomorphic encryption, and Schnorr signature) to perfect the privacy of the sender, the receiver, and the amount being sent, and serve further real life applications in banking, statistics, and AI.
Phase 6
Testnet Version 6 applies Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST) or other advanced technologies to improve privacy & efficiency.
Phase 7
Testnet Version 7 introduces Smart Contract 2.0 ("Smart contract for everyone") with templates for non-tech users to make applications for a wide range of use cases.
Phase 8
Testnet Version 8 upgrades Smart Contract 2.0 with inter-communicated smart contracts, linking with other decentralized technologies to create complete financial ecosystem on chain. Fully realized Smart Contract 2.0 with inter-communicated smart contracts for high interoperability, linking all other technologies such as decentralized file storage and oracle and fiat payment to create complete financial system on chain.

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