The first practical
smart contract in the World

RealTract focus on Smartcontract 2.0 base on Blockchain 4.0 with high performance speeds up to millions of transactions per second

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  • Infinity Block Graphs (IBG)

  • Proof-Of-Result (PoR)

  • Verschemelized Intellectual Structure (VIS)

  • An improved version of DAG protocol with the special mechanism of dividing nodes in RET Chain.
  • The consensus mechanism based on statistics and verification of the reliability of nodes.
  • Technologies are applied into Smart contract, allowing users to create multi-conditional contracts.

Blockchain 4.0 with

Smart contract 2.0

, providing highly practical functionality

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    Infinite scalability

    RealTract addresses the expandability issue of blockchain by utilizing the application of DAG protocol within our blockchain. RET Chain can assist the globe in a variety of fields and industries.

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    Build a network of trust

    RealTract resolve the issue of transparency with its brand new Proof-Of-Result algorithm, using Trusted Score to ensure that the system operates with a high level of reliability and accuracy of involved blocks.

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    Transaction speed

    With Infinity Block Graphs, RET Chain can increase the transaction processing level-up to 2 million TPS. This assures the flexibility in the application of RET Chain in many technical fields that requires high processing speed.

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    Improves operational efficiency

    Being a special blockchain applied in practical applications, RealTract focuses on applying the technology which is easy to understand, accessible.

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    Real business through blockchain

    RealTract has not been organizing any ICO or other crowdfunding activities. We believe that establishing a profitable business for the project will be the most sustainable path to support the project in the long-term.

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    Blockchain for the real world

    RealTract’s ultimate goal is to implement blockchain into even the tiniest issues that need improvement and eventually the global industry. Smart contract 2.0 is an amazing tool that triggers ambition.


The RealTract vision defined

White Paper released

Q1 2018

Build website

Prepare to debut

Q2 2018

Airdrop preparation

Developing Smart Contract

Exchange Listing

Q3 2018

Developing community

Developing partnership

Q4 2018

Release Real Business

Support establishing our ecosystem

Burn token

Q1 2019

Whitepaper Update

Develop DApp and grow communities around business-related applications

Q2 2019

Repair for Alpha testnet

Testnet launching

Q3 2019

Release Mainnet

Q4 2019

Establish RealTract global technology and service company

Expand business activities and business partnerships

Invest and support potential start-up programs.


  • Token name


  • Token symbol


  • Contract address


  • Decimals


  • Total supply RET

Airdrop, Bounty 3 Billion
Advisor, partnership 2.5 Billion
Marketing 7.5 Billion
Ecosystem, Technologies development 5 Billion
Real Business Ecosystem 7 Billion
Team Burned


We have a passion for blockchain and especially with this project, we will bring the project into the future and succeed there.

Vitally Marinchenko


Rahul Mishra



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